Been a While

Well. It’s been a healthy while since my last post. Little Man has started to “come alive” and require more of my attention and energy. He still can’t *quite* roll over yet, but it will be very soon I think.

The toys I made for him have been a big hit. While pregnant,  I made 3 toys from scrap fabric, some plastic (for crinkle interior), and about a dollar worth of ribbon bits from Wal-Mart (since it was the only place I could still get ribbon cut into 1/8 yard bits). It took 3 months for him to really take notice of the toys, which was getting discouraging, but he finally enjoys playing with and chewing on them.

The wool dryer balls have been rocking, as well. They don’t speed up drying time all that significantly like most internet resources I found claimed they would…. maybe that would take more than 4 of them. But where they shine is their function as a natural fabric softener. Since his diapers never had a fabric softener used on them before, it made a drastic difference with them. Our prefolds used to feel almost crunchy before, but now they’re soft and pliant. We started using the wool balls on some of our regular laundry as well – with the same positive softening effect. The only real downside to them has been a minimal amount of static. They simply can’t fight the static generated from our fluffier laundry like fleece. I think that’s a very reasonable price to pay for a renewable, free (made from scraps I had lying around), chemical-free replacement.

I’ve been stockpiling supplies to make a pile of diapers. It’s taken weeks of reflection, discussion, and number crunching but we finally settled on a plan for the gigantic project. More to come on that later – but tonight I finished a Proof of Concept diaper to make sure our plan will work. Snaps and touchtape have arrived, so we’ll start testing to see which style we prefer.

The diaper I sewed tonight has double gussets! Woot! I made a fitted just to test the gusset process, and am very happy to have finished it without any major problems. Pictures pending, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.


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