Autumn Stroll

Took Little Man out for a walk today. I’ve been trying hard to introduce nature to him as early as possible. As a side bonus, it’s good for me to get some fresh air and exercise also. We try to go to the nature preserve once a week, which has a couple miles of paved trails thru forest and prairie lands. I’ve felt horrible this week, though, so we’ve settled for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Fall is finally starting to do more than just flirt with Texas. We never get pretty leaves here, but a couple of them have turned colors other than green or dead brown. Acorns are all over the ground; houses are all decorated for Halloween. The weather here is still fickle, though. We left at 11:30, and it was chill enough to finally put him in his 0-3 month coat that had yet only lived in his closet. I’m glad it was finally useful before he grew out of it. Babywearing is awesome, but changing his clothes mid-walk is something I haven’t mastered with it yet.. so I think he was too warm when we got in. Add that to the list of motherly skills that need practice.

Little Man looking apprehensive in his fall coat.


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