Wool Dryer Balls

We have a big bag of wool scraps in the house. They’re left over from when I made the baby’s wool covers (longies and shorties) back when I was pregnant. None of the bits left are big enough to go into new covers, so I was using them to cut out appliques for the covers I’d sewn. Those came out cute – but time consuming! Since my Little Man has been born, I haven’t had the slightest chance of doing more applique. So, we have a bag of scraps.

As I browsed among the countless cloth diapering blogs and pages, I kept hearing about dryer balls. It would seem the prevailing method of choice is to use wool batting or yarn (or unravel your sweaters for yarn), but I did find a small bit of advice for using your sweater scraps.

I’ll post a whole DIY tutorial at some point soon, complete with pictures, but I wanted to get at least 3 finished and test them out first. I spend a vast portion of my day tied to the couch because I’m nursing – so I only work on the dryer balls when Little Man goes into his milk comas, and get interrupted a lot with diaper changes and feeding/hydrating myself. All of that being said, it’s taken me a week to finish 2 balls! So…. hopefully I’ll get better at it, figure out some shortcuts, or manage distractions quicker. And if not, I should get the 3rd finished and start testing them sometime next week. Then I’ll post the tutorial and what I’ve learned from the process.


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