AIO Cost Laments

Our cloth diaper stash is working well – currently we’re using a hybrid of prefolds + wool covers (both of which I sewed myself), and some super cheap one-size pockets I bought from Ebay (Baby Land). Because of our budget, and because we weren’t completely sure cloth diapering would work for us, we had (and have) a very small budget for cloth. Hence the $2 a piece Baby Lands – which DO work, but they have well documented, and personally verified, issues with leaks.

They don’t leak every time, maybe once out of every 10 changes, but those odds are still annoying and mean that at least once a day I have unexpected additional laundry to do – and who wants that? All of that being said, they’re $2. I knew to expect leaks, and for the cost vs value, I don’t regret the dozen we bought. My lament is that I’ve thus far been totally unable to try any OTHER kind of AIO or pocket. Would they leak less? Fit better? Pocket easier to stuff? My curiosity compells me to places my budget doesn’t allow. Even sewing them myself would be more expensive than buying more Ebay diapers. And it’s not like they’re total crap – so it’s very hard to justify a $15 purchase on a mystery diaper that may or may not be awesome, where I could use that same money to accumulate 6 or 7 more cheapies that have their small expected issues.

Here’s hoping that eventually I’ll win one of these giveaways! It might be my only chance to try other kinds of AIOs.


A Blog is Born

Well… another Mom Blog. As a bit of background, I am a Stay At Home mother of an adorable 7 week old son. I am a Druid, which is to say I have a nature-based religion modeled after ancient Irish beliefs. I breastfeed, although supply issues mean that once in a while he does get the a supplimental bottle. I just started to cloth diaper – it took this long to start thanks to an epic ton of house construction, some illness I had after birth, and getting the hang of breastfeeding before tacking on additional difficulties taking care of a newborn.

All of that being said, I’m a fairly green parent. And since I’m not going back to work – boy! – we got a budget. My jobs are to take care of the baby, the house, and save us money wherever I can. This blog is a journal of my attempts to do that. I’ll also be posting about various giveaways – because who doesn’t want or need free stuff? I’ll keep the giveaway posts limited to cloth diapering or breastfeeding items (and any companies or fellow bloggers in those two categories are encouraged to follow or contribute). Until such a time as I host my own, they’ll be heads up posts that other websites are hosting.

The final thing I want to tackle in this journey is what my husband calls “Internet Parenting.” This is his first baby, and the first one of mine that came home with me from the hospital.. That being said, we’re somewhat clueless as all new parents are. Unlike older times, we don’t have a giant net of familial support to ask our questions, so we turn to our modern day information slave – the internet. This has been both awesome and terrible. We’ve learned a lot of really great things, and we’ve made some mistakes because of things we’ve found. All in all, we learned that nomatter WHAT you’ve decided to do as a parent, there is someone who wholly agrees with you, and someone who thinks it’s the worst thing possible. During this journal I’ll tackle some of the lessons I’ve learned, and review some options that the internets will suggest.

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